On the 9th of June 2020 Verisec AB (publ) sold two business areas to Verisec International AB. Verisec AB (publ) operates Freja eID and offers secure fulfilment services. Verisec International AB is now an independent company from Verisec AB (publ) and operates Freja UP and the sales of HSM:s. For information about Verisec International AB please visit www.verisecint.com

Digital identities

Identity & Access Management

The Freja family of products enables you to manage large user groups and protect their access through strong authentication, without a per-user cost. Some might call it a revolution within IT-security, we call it the unlimited approach.

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Information security

Key Management

Chiave is an innovative solution designed to meet the challenges that occurs when the number of cryptographic keys becomes too large to handle manually.

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Hardware Encryption

Verisec provides all the infrastructure needed for secure hardware protection of payments, sensitive data and communication.

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Secure logistics

Verisec Services offers a wide range of services for secure distribution, programming and provisioning of physical security devices, to users all over the world.

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