Verisec Labs

At the forefront of development

Innovation is one of the cornerstones of Verisec’s business. In our development centre in Belgrade – Verisec Labs – we have gathered a variety of bright talents within encryption, network security and data protection in order to meet the ever-growing challenges of IT security.

The centre is located in Belgrade since the region possess a unique combination of well-educated and motivated talents within encryption and IT security. Several multinational IT companies have already established development centres in Belgrade. For Verisec’s part, it’s all about attracting the best competence at an early stage so that we can continue to be at the absolute forefront of development within data security, encryption and authentication.

Verisec has good previous experiences of cooperation with Serbia, and the establishment of Verisec Labs is a natural continuation of this work. Our strategic R&D planning is conducted from our development division in Stockholm, and the organisation is fully integrated with the programmers and developers in Belgrade. Since Verisec operates on a global market, it’s important that we keep an international outlook on the development work as well. Apart from playing a role in our strategic projects, the ambition with Verisec Labs is to function as a hotbed for new ideas and novel development projects.