Verisec Labs – A world without passwords begins in Belgrade


By Kristofer von Beetzen, VP Marketing, Verisec

Are you fed up with all the hassle of remembering or re-setting passwords? As both our professional and private life are dependent on an increasing number of web and cloud services, the number of passwords we need to keep track of is getting unmanageable. And as fixed passwords are easily hacked, they are not secure enough to protect valuable information. But there is a solution, and the technology is being developed in Serbia.

Verisec is a Swedish IT-security company that have been providing solutions for banks, government and the corporate sector since 2002. We started out by providing secure services and as a reseller of security hardware and soon realized that there were many unexplored areas in the growing market of IT-security.  In 2008 we started our own product development and were lucky enough to recruit one of Europe´s  leading experts within digital identities as our head of development Mr. Dragoljub Nesic. As Mr.  Nesic was born and raised in Serbia, moving to Sweden in 1992, he had an extensive network of IT professionals in his home country, something that proved to be extremely beneficial for Verisec´s product development.

Our first products were developed together with a team from an outsourcing company in Belgrade and as they gained a widespread success the tasks for the development team grew. We also realized that it would not be sustainable to have our R&D outsourced and decided to set up our own operation in 2012.  After recruiting the development team, Verisec Labs was established and the team of five highly skilled  programmers and computer engineers moved in to our new office in Dobračina, in central Belgrade. A little more than a year after opening Verisec Labs we have nearly tripled the number of employees and currently have 14 team members in Belgrade. A common misunderstanding is that we chose Serbia to cut costs, but the fact is that the foremost reason is competence. The extremely high academic level within computer science and mathematics in combination with an innovative atmosphere makes Belgrade one of the world´s most interesting places to find top talents within IT.

For Verisec, our Serbian development centre has become an essential part of our operations and together we are on a mission to relieve the world of insecure and annoying passwords. That might be comforting to remember, next time you swear over a forgotten password in front of your computer.