Sunet chooses Freja eID for Swedish students

Press release

The IT-security company Verisec has today released that an agreement has been made with Sunet to manage the identity vetting of Swedish students for issuing digital identities, via the service Freja eID. The students are thus the first larger group of users to obtain access to the new electronic identity Freja eID. The service will be launched during the second part of August 2017.

Sunet is a division within Vetenskapsrådet, The Swedish Research Council. Sunet´s aim is to provide Swedish universities and colleges with access to national and international data communication and related services.  The background to the agreement is the need for secure identification of students accessing digital services in the academic world such as Until now, this has been done with activation codes sent by postal mail to the students, a both costly and administrative demanding solution.

Freja eID is a new service developed by Verisec that offers identity vetting via a network of 2000 ATG-stores in Sweden and can thus issue digital identities with a high assurance level. This autumn Freja eID will be lauched as a new electronic identity and Freja eID will apply to be reviewed by The Swedish e-identification board in order to be approved for the quality mark Svensk e-legitimation (Swedish eID).

Sunet will primarily use Freja eID to issue electronic identities with a high assurance level, to be used in the academic world, but the students will also be included in the eco system of electronic identities that is created wihtin Freja eID. This means that Freja eID will enable the students to also use their eID outside the academic world and thus be able access a range of online services.

Johan Henrikson, VD Verisec comments

“The need for secure identification in the digital world is found in almost every area and industry today. When we decided to initiate the Freja eID project, we had identified a number of areas with a great demand for electronic identities and where current solutions did not meet the needs of the customers. Education was one such area and this agreement with Sunet shows that we made a correct judgement of the market. Also having such a reputable organisation as Sunet as a customer reference is very valuable for us in this early stages of Freja eID.”

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