Freja eID launched for students in Sweden

Press release

IT security company Verisec announces today that it has launched the new electronic identity Freja eID according to the planned release date, which was set to August 15th. Following an agreement with Sunet, university and college students become the first user group to be enrolled into the system. Students can use Freja eID as one of the methods for identifying themselves to the academic e-account service eduID.

Freja eID is a mobile e-ID that will be used for secure login and electronic signatures on various internet services. Thanks to the collaboration with ATG, user identity vetting can be performed in most of their network of 2 000 stores. This allows Freja eID to be issued as an electronic identity with a high level of identity assurance.

Students who use the e-account service eduID must have a secure identity and from August 15, Freja eID can be used for this purpose. Students can download the app to their mobile from App Store or Google Play, register and then make an ID check at the nearest Freja eID-affiliated ATG store. During autumn, Freja eID will be connected to more user groups and more services.

Sunet is a division within Vetenskapsrådet, The Swedish Research Council, and has been appointed with the task of creating infrastructure for data communication at universities, colleges and other affiliated organisations.

Johan Henrikson, CEO at Verisec, comments:
”It has been less than a year from taking the first step towards creating this service to now launching it publicly. The interest around it has been great and as we have announced during the spring and summer, there are already a number of customers and partners connected to Freja eID. Enrolling the first user group will therefore be the starting point for Sweden’s new e-ID.”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO at Verisec
Phone: +46 733 45 89 02

Press release in PDF.