Freja eID opens up for more than one million users from

Press release

Swedish IT-security company Verisec has made an agreement with, an information management system for sports associations, about integrating the new electronic identity Freja eID with the system. This allows for users to log in, sign and communicate with a higher degree of security. Verisec is offering Freja eID free of charge to, partly to support sports and athletics for young people but also to build a user base and create brand awareness for Freja eID. has provided systems to sports associations and clubs since 2004 and is currently the largest service within this area in Sweden. offers a complete information system with web publishing, membership management, payments and internal communication. The service has more than one million users via web and mobile platforms.

Freja eID is a new electronic identity that was launched on August 15 2017. Freja eID offers two levels of identity assertion, an entry level with self-registration and a plus level where the user needs to verify his or her identity with an ID-vetting at one of ATG:s 2000 retail stores in Sweden. To use Freja eID with the entry level with self-registration is sufficient. However, the user can at any time do a free upgrade to the plus level to access services requiring Freja eID+. Freja eID will apply for the official quality mark Svensk e-Legitimation for the plus level, at the Swedish E-identification board, E-legitimationsnämnden.

Johan Berglund, CTO and co-founder – comments:
”Security for our users is very important for us and with Freja eID we get an opportunity to add an extra layer of security, but it also enables us to launch new services with in the future. Freja eID is also an important part in our GDPR work and in addition it gives our users the possibility to access other services within the Freja eID eco system, adding an extra value to this collaboration.”

 Johan Henrikson, VD Verisec comments:
”In our strategy to build the eco system of identities in Freja eID we are aiming to connect large user groups with relevant and interesting services. To open up for one million users – both youths and parents within the sports community – is therefore perfectly in line with our plans. The fact that we also can support sports and athletics for young people makes it even better. The agreement with is a good example of when security can enable business development and new opportunities for our customers.”

For more information please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec AB
Phone: +46 733 45 89 02