Svensk e-identitet connects their services to Freja eID.

Press release

Verisec today announced that Svensk e-identitet connects their services to Freja eID. Svensk e-identitet AB specializes in login/authentication and signing solutions for all types of websites, organizations and application providers.

The services of Svensk e-identitet are used by many different sectors, not least by the public sector, to easily connect e-ID’s to e-services. Svensk e-identitet is also the country’s largest HSA, SITHS and Sambi agent, and provides everyone – from the private practice veterinarian to pharmacies, municipalities and county councils – with the opportunity to join Sambi with little effort.

With Sambi, health, care and welfare personnel need only a one log in to all connected e-services. Users logging via Sambi needs an e-ID with level of assurance 3 (LOA3) approved by the Swedish E-identification Board (E-legitimationsnämnden), which Freja eID + complies with.

Jörgen Hellgren, CEO Svensk e-identitet AB comments:
”In our ambition to provide a comprehensive range of login methods, connecting our services to Freja eID is an obvious step. Freja eID is an exciting and welcome supplement, not least because it can be applied by one and the same person in all roles of life – as a citizen, employee, student, patient and so on. The solution can also provide an alternative to self-submitted login methods, such as AD, which is an exciting development. In addition, Freja eID has flexible operating conditions and a smooth business model combined with a simple integration process. This way we can offer our customers both in the private and public sector a flexible method that meet different needs. We look forward to working with Verisec to develop common concepts that can replace large and expensive solutions among our customers, not least in the case of 2FA login. With Freja eID, we take electronic identities to a new, modern and more flexible level.”

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec, comments:
”Svensk e-identitet represents a new and important form of partnership. By offering several different e-ID solutions through a unified interface, their e-ID customers can quickly connect Freja eID without much effort. Together we can quickly reach out and shorten lead times to offer more services for Freja eID users. This has been an important part in both reducing friction and increasing the number of services in a short period of time.”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec AB
Mobile: +46 733 45 89 02

For more information, please contact:
Jörgen Hellgren, CEO Svensk e-identitet AB
Mobile: 018 481 19 02

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