Freja eID is preparing to launch free ID protection

Press release

IT security company Verisec AB announces today that during spring 2018, a free ID-Protection service will be launched for users of Freja eID+. ID theft and fraud are today a serious threat to individuals as well as society as a whole, with approximately 200,000 reported crimes annually.

An ID theft, or ID hijacking, means that an attacker takes control of an individual’s identity and then makes purchases or take out loans by using that stolen identity. The person who has been deceived is in many cases liable to pay and it can be significant amounts with very serious consequences for the individual. However, there are several ways to prevent ID theft and online fraud by adding a few relatively simple barriers.

Freja eID is a new e-ID that is available in two levels and Freja eID +, where the user’s identity has been verified in an ID vetting process, has received the Swedish governments official quality mark, Svensk e-legitmation (Swedish eID). As a part of establishing Freja eID as each individual’s key to his or her digital life, Verisec takes its share of responsibility for reducing ID-related crime by introducing a free ID protection for all users of Freja eID +. Once a day the ID Protection checks the user’s personal registration address or special postal address against the official registry and gives an alarm via the mobile phone if it changes. Changing the address is often the first step of an ID theft. In addition, an e-ID such as Freja eID can be used to prevent fraud by allowing the user to approve e-commerce purchases, online payments and credit reports.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
” If all relevant stakeholders were to give individuals control over their digital lives, we could easily eliminate the majority of all ID-related crime. If e-commerce companies demanded electronic identification from their buyers, if credit information companies demanded consent from the user before credit reporting was conducted and if banks and payment services demanded electronic identification of online payments – then we would avoid enormous suffering for a large number of individuals. Now Verisec takes our responsibility as a supplier of Sweden’s only approved mobile e-ID, and hope to inspire other partners to follow us and work together to prevent this serious problem”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec AB
Mobile: +46 733-45 89 02

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