New Report: Password threatens the digitalisation

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The IT security company Verisec today presents a survey in collaboration with IDG, which shows that the fear of online fraud is widespread in Sweden and that almost 9 out of 10 are worried about being exposed to fraud. The survey also shows that more than 87 percent request e-ID as an online login instead of password to feel more secure.

747 individuals participated in the survey conducted in March and April 2018. The report also includes results from how companies and authorities view the use of passwords and e-ID’s. 71 companies participated in the survey.
The survey found that 88.7% of the respondents are worried about fraud but at the same time the answers show that their worry primarily concerns online services where only passwords are used. Half of the group who feel worried are safe with sites that offer login with e-ID. The fact that e-ID’s are strongly demanded as a replacement for passwords on more online services are also reflected in many of the results of the report. The entire report can be downloaded free of charge via IDG. If you want to receive the report via email, you can order it via

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
” The survey clearly shows that users hesitate to use digital services that are only password-protected. And since the password is still the dominant solution to most online services, we have an obvious threat to continued digitalisation. Sweden is today one of the countries in the world where e-identification have come the furthest. There are several complementary solutions on the market that cover both consumer and service use. Verisec offers a free version of Freja eID, which allows companies and other organizations to easily and free of charge replace their passwords with a secure ID app. In other words, there should no longer be any excuses to continue with the insecure passwords, at least not for those who want to give their users a safe and user-friendly experience of their online service.”

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