Freja eID launches free of charge e-ID

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Verisec today announced the launch of a free version of Freja eID, which gives all companies, authorities and organizations access to a completely free of charge e-ID. “We are now removing the biggest obstacle to Sweden’s continued digitalisation,” says Johan Henrikson, CEO of the company.

Sweden’s digitalisation relies mainly on passwords, a security solution that no longer meets the most basic security requirements. A Verisec survey also shows that online services using password login tend to make users doubtful because of the risk of online fraud. Both EU directives and Swedish legislation have begun addressing the problem and have introduced or propose requirements for safer methods than passwords, for example in online payments or in the registration of gaming customers.
At the same time, Sweden is world-leading when it comes to e-identification, with several complementary solutions available to everyone in Sweden. The problem is that the use of e-ID for the most part is linked to banking services and mobile payments. Almost all other industries rely on the outdated passwords, partly because the options, such as bank card reader login or mobile e-ID’s, have been too expensive.

Freja eID is a mobile e-ID available in two versions, Basic and Plus. In the Basic version, the user switches over his or hers existing password to the Freja eID app on the mobile, thus maintaining the trust level already established with the online service while adding higher security and better user experience. The Plus version is approved by the Swedish government´s E-identification Board (E-legitimationsnämnden) for the quality mark Swedish e-ID. The user’s identity is verified in a regulated process that includes a physical ID check, SPAR lookup of the official address registered at the tax authority, and validation of the ID document. The free service from Verisec means that online services can switch over from the passwords and allow their users to log in and make digital signatures at Freja eID’s basic level. Freja eID is always free for the user.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
” We are now removing the biggest obstacle to Sweden’s continued digitalisation. We know that the willingness to replace the passwords is strong. The fact that the change hasn’t gone faster is because it has been both expensive and complicated for online services to change. Passwords are free and easy to implement in one’s service. Therefore, the option must be free and just as easy. The way I look at it, there are now no excuses to retain the password at all”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec AB
Mobile: +46 733-45 89 02

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