Verisec launches free ID protection just before the fraudsters’ peak season

Press release

The IT security company Verisec, in collaboration with Novus, today presents a new survey which shows that every fifth person in Sweden knows someone who has been subjected to an ID hijacking and that 42 percent of swedes feel worried about themselves being exposed. Now Verisec announces the launch of a free ID protection for the government-approved Freja eID, with the purpose of addressing the growing problem with ID related crime.

Just before the summer holidays, the fraudsters high season, Freja eID launches a free ID protection. Freja eID is Sweden’s only state-approved mobile e-ID, and with the new ID protection, the user is warned when an unauthorized person tries to change his or her official residential postal address or adds a special postal address to an individual. A countermeasure to try to reduce the number of fraud, that often begins with the fraudster changing the official residential address or registering a special postal address at Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency).

A new study by Novus on behalf of Verisec, reveals that every fifth swede knows someone who has been subjected to an ID hijacking and 42 percent of swedes feel worried about being exposed themselves. At the same time, barely 7 percent know for sure what actions to take if their identity gets hijacked. The worries regarding ID hijackings also increase with age, 54 percent of respondents aged 65-79 feel unease, compared with 27 percent of swedes between 18-29 years. At the same time, more of the younger age categories responded that they do not know at all what actions to take if they were to get ID hijacked.

– “It is today worryingly easy to carry out an ID hijacking, while the consequences for the exposed individual can be extremely severe and, at the very least, result in a personal bankruptcy. The fact that so few swedes know with certainty what actions to take if they were to get ID hijacked is alarming. We, as an issuer of e-ID, together with the authorities, have a major responsibility for securing the individual and eliminating the ID-related frauds, “says Johan Henrikson, CEO of Verisec.

During 2018, around 12,000 fraud reports have been received each month, an increase of almost 24 percent compared with the same period last year. According to the NBC (Police National Fraud Center), more than 200,000 ID thefts and online frauds occur annually, which means that more than 550 swedes will be affected today.

– “The individual is very exposed today and there is unfortunately a high risk of being affected, especially during the holidays when we let go of our daily routines and generally have a little less control of our accounts. In principle it takes a payment note from the Kronofogdemyndigheten to completely avoid getting one’s identity stolen, which says a lot about how big this problem is today, “says Jan Olsson, preliminary investigation leader at NBC.

5 tips to avoid ID hijacking

1. Do not expose your social security number online and do not throw personal information in the trash or paper collection.

2. Avoid sending personal information or account details via email. Verify that the current company, authority or organization has requested the information before sharing it with them.

3. Use services that provide you with information directly on the phone or by email if someone has requested your credit information. Then you can quickly act and stop the credit / loan from being granted. For example, Min Myndighetspost.

4. Use Freja eID+ which warns you if someone has changed your official residential address or registered a special postal address on your name. Also enable address lock at Svensk Adressändring.

5. Consider the mobile as valuable and personal. Do not let anyone else have access to it. Make a total reset of your mobile before you leave it on service that requires the service technician to enter the mobile phone.

About the survey
The survey was conducted by Novus on behalf of Verisec. The purpose of the survey is to investigate the public’s experience of ID hijacking / fraud. The target group for the survey is the Swedish public 18-79 years. A total of 1012 interviews have been conducted during the period 8-13 June 2018. The participation rate is 60%. There is no indication that the loss would distort the result, but the survey is opinionally representative of the group to be investigated, and the conclusions presented in the survey concern the entire population. A Novus survey is a guarantee that the survey is relevant and correct for the entire group to be investigated. The survey was conducted via web interviews in Novus’s randomly recruited and representative Sweden panel.

For more information, please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec AB
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