New government agreement simplifies for citizens and authorities to choose Freja eID+

Press release

Verisec, the IT security company behind Sweden’s only government-approved mobile e-ID, has been approved as an issuer of eID:s and has signed an agreement with the “E-legitimationsnämnden” within the frameworks of 2017 E-legitimation – a new state-of-the-art “citizens choice system” for electronic identification.

All authorities, municipalities and county councils can now sign the agreement 2017 E-legitimation and get access to a future proof e-ID linked to the e-ID issuers included in the agreement. To be included in the Valfrihetssystem 2017, the e-ID’s must be reviewed by the government and comply with the requirements for the “Svensk e-legitimation” quality mark, Freja eID + got this approval on January 17 this year.

The idea of a “citizens choice system” as a form of procurement is to simplify for citizens to choose between different issuers of eID:s and public service providers. The system also facilitates procurement and contract management for the authorities, as they do not need to sign individual agreements with each e-ID issuer.

In addition to the signing of the agreement, Verisec also intends to connect Freja eID+ to the public identity federation for strong authentication, Sweden Connect. That will further simplify the authorities’ incorporation of Freja eID+ into their e-services.

Sweden Connect is also used in the framework of the eIDAS – the EU system for electronic identification across national borders. By becoming a participant in Sweden Connect, Verisec also takes a big step towards publishing Freja eID+ as an approved Swedish e-ID in Europe.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
“This is an important milestone. Now that it becomes easier for citizens to choose Freja eID+ for electronic identification, we believe many will discover the benefits of having full control over their eID, which makes Freja eID+ unique as the user controls which services are enabled for electronic identification. The ability to view their own user history in My Pages gives users a whole new level of security. That it also becomes easier for authorities to start using Freja eID+ and that we take a step closer to becoming a European e-ID is of course also something we are very happy about.”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec AB
Mobile: +46 733 45 89 02