Verisec concludes an agreement with CGI Group Inc, which opens its IdP service for Freja eID+

Press release

Verisec, the IT company behind the mobile e-ID service Freja eID, concludes an agreement with CGI – the fifth largest independent provider of IT and business processes in the world. The agreement creates the conditions for Freja eID+ to be used by customers and Service Providers connected to CGI’s IdP service.

Freja eID is an ecosystem of trusted digital identities. The service offers two levels of trust, a Basic level where the user makes a self-registration and a Plus level with a higher level of trust where the user confirms his or her identity through a physical identity check. The higher level – Freja eID Plus – has earned the government approval for the quality mark “Svensk e-legitimation”. The CGI IdP service only accepts Swedish e-IDs from providers who have a governmental form of trust or providers of qualified certificates registered with PTS (Post and Telecom Agency).

Thus, with the agreement between Verisec and CGI, logon will be possible with Freja eID+ via the CGI IdP service. Freja eID+ is a mobile Swedish e-ID that is controlled by the user to log in, sign and communicate securely in the digital world. Instead of password, transactions are confirmed with the user’s fingerprint or PIN in the Freja eID app, an app that focuses on the user experience. For example, Freja eID+ users can always view their user history in Freja eID’s My Pages. This ensures the user that no irregularities have occurred with his or her e-ID. In My Pages, the user can also choose to turn off access to certain services, which increases the sense of security. Freja eID+ also provides the user with a free ID protection that warns if someone changes his/her official residential address, which is a common first step in ID theft.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec, comments:
”The agreement with CGI allows all of the Customers and Service Providers connected to the CGI IdP Service to offer their customers a functional and secure e-ID service that is free of charge for the end user. For users of Freja eID+, this obviously means access to more valuable services that increase usability.

Patrik Bergström, Director Business Development – DDS, CGI comments:
“There is a lot going on in digitalization in society and the area with new e-IDs is one that we think is important and very interesting. We are constantly working to support our customers in digitalization, and through this agreement with Freja eID, we continue to make it easy for our customers to offer all the relevant e-IDs in their e-services.”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec AB
Mobile: +46 733 45 89 02