ATG chooses Freja eID as ID method for online gambling

Regulatory press release

IT security company Verisec has entered into an agreement with the gaming company ATG, which means that Freja eID will be added as one of the identification methods for their online gambling services.

From January 1, 2019 a new law that opens the Swedish gaming market for new players through a licensing process is introduced. Even companies who previously had permission to engage in gaming activities, including ATG, are covered by the new law. One of the requirements of the new law is that all online players must be registered with an e-ID or equivalent. As part of this, ATG has chosen to introduce Freja eID as one of the identification methods, partly for the registration of new customers, but also for signing into ATG’s digital gambling services.

Freja eID is a mobile e-ID available in three trust levels, of which the highest, Freja eID Plus, is approved for the governmental quality mark Swedish e-ID. Verisec and ATG have previously collaborated around the ID vetting required for issuing an e-ID at the Plus level through ATG’s network of 2000 stores across Sweden.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
”The new gaming license law is another example demonstrating the importance of having a secure online identification method. From a user perspective, the experience also gets so much better by simply logging in with, for example, fingerprint via the mobile phone instead of keeping track of a lot of insecure passwords. When the standard online identification process is done via eID:s, it becomes very clear that online services can’t be dependent on a single e-ID. As one of two mobile e-ID:s in Sweden, we believe that Freja eID will be a natural alternative for most online services in the long run. And we believe that the superior user experience of Freja eID, will be the natural choice for those users who value having control of their digital lives.”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec AB
Mobile: +46 733 45 89 02