Verisec signs agreement on Freja eID with leading edtech-actor

Press release

The IT security company Verisec, which is behind the mobile e-identification service Freja eID, has signed an agreement with the Swedish edtech company IST Group AB. Through IST Everyday they offer services that make everyday life and operations better for everyone who works with the school, as well as the school’s students and their parents.

IST Everyday consists of several different products developed for an increasingly digitized school. With these products, the staff, students and parents are given the tools needed to meet the daily challenges in the best possible way. IST Everyday is available for preschool all the way up to upper secondary school level and also for adult education and SFI. In Sweden, IST have about five million users in 226 municipalities, including Malmö, Gothenburg and Uppsala municipalities. IST also has operations in Norway, Denmark and Germany.

In January 2019, the edtech company login service (IdP) SkolID will introduce Freja eID+ as an alternative for secure and smooth login to services within IST Everyday in Sweden. This makes it possible, for example, as a legal guardian and/or parent with Freja eID+ to log in and provide digital consent via the service IST Samtycke (IST Concent). SkolID is issued by municipalities as digital identification for staff, pupils and parents/legal guardians in order to handle two-factor login to important services.

Svante Erwing, Product Manager at IST comments:
“By offering Freja eID+ we become more inclusive and increase the freedom of choice between different e-IDs and offer the users the opportunity to use a governmental quality marked alternative.”

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
“The digital transformation of society takes place on all levels and the school is no exception. Here, too, all users must be securely identified as there are highly personalized services that also handle sensitive data. That is why the edtech sector is very interesting to us and we are pleased to have established yet another important cooperation in this growing industry. Through the agreement with IST we reach yet another large user group for Freja eID+ and the more who have access to Sweden’s only governmental quality marked mobile e-ID, the faster society can benefit from all the advantages of digitization. ”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec AB
Mobile: +46 733 45 89 02