Freja eID+ gives citizens access to

Press release

The IT security company Verisec introduces Freja eID+ as the identification method for access to information and personal e-services in health and medical care at Vårdguiden

1177 Vårdguiden (The Healthcare Guide) is the whole of Sweden’s gathering point for information and services in health and care. Every year, over 90 million visits are made to and the visits are steadily increasing by about 10 percent per year. With the e-services that are offered through 1177 Vårdguiden, citizens can see personalized medical and healthcare information and contact the healthcare in a secure manner and be given the opportunity to participate in their own healthcare.

For questions about healthcare over the internet the security is important, the user’s personal data and information must be protected from unauthorized persons. Freja eID is a mobile e-ID available in three levels of trust, of which the highest, Freja eID+ with trust level 3, is approved for the governmental quality mark Svensk e-legitimation. By logging in with Freja eID+ on you can, for example, renew recipes, handle documents or referrals and book, rebook or cancel appointments.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
”1177 Vårdguiden is an extremely broad service and is a central part in the digitalization of Swedish society’s healthcare. The e-services of Vårdguiden are now available with Freja eID+, a secure and intuitive mobile e-ID with a number of technical solutions and functions that make up the market’s most recognized and acclaimed user experience.”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec AB
Mobile: +46 733 45 89 02