Svensk Travsport solves identity issue with Freja eID

Press release

In their daily work, Svensk Travsport (Swedish Trotting Sport) saw the need for a secure and intuitive eID that can work throughout the Nordic region and that even young people under the age of 13 can easily acquire. The agreement with Verisec means that the technical integration of Freja eID that solves the identity issue will commence.

Svensk Travsport is the main organization for the Swedish trotting sport. In their daily work they handle, among other things, competition planning, regulations, breeding and registration matters, trainer debit systems and communication. Initially, users will be able to use Freja eID to register and to log in to the Sportapp, which is used, among other things, to register for start, register costs and to keep track of one’s horses. But since Freja eID is a multi-tool for secure identification and covers more uses than other eID:s, the possibilities for extended use are many.

Svensk Travsport has chosen Freja eID, among other things, to make it easier for their younger target group to be able to identify themselves online. For children and adolescents between the ages of 8 and 13, there is currently no other scalable solution in Sweden. As early as the next month, when Svensk Travsport launches the start registration for pony competitions, Freja eID will be in operation.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:
”For Svensk Travsport, Freja eID is an immediate solution to the question of identity with regard to young users and cross-border use in the Nordic region. With Freja eID, Svensk Travsport will have a strong solution that swiftly can be up and running and become a linchpin of their continued digitalization.”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec AB
Mobile: +46 733 45 89 02