Energy market in focus in new agreement for Freja eID

Press release

Verisec AB has signed a reseller agreement with Svenska Energigruppen, a leading supplier of cloud services and IT solutions for Sweden’s energy companies. The Swedish Energy Group will also use Freja eID for its own customers.

Svenska Energigruppen simplifies operations Sweden’s energy companies and helps consumers and companies understand and streamline their energy use. They are a supplier to some 50 of Sweden’s electricity trading companies, electricity grid companies and district heating suppliers.

Among Svenska Energigruppen´s products are My Pages, a portal used by the energy companies for their end users. It is for this type of wide-ranging consumer services that Freja eID will be used, so that end-users get a secure and flexible e-ID to identify themselves to their energy suppliers online services.

The energy industry is going through a digital transformation at a rapid pace with smart electricity grids, digital electricity meters and a wide range of applications for industry as well as for end users, not least to help lower energy consumption for a sustainable development. Energy supply is also part of the national infrastructure which increase requirements for security and strong identification.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec comments:

We have come a long way in our strategy for Freja eID, to ensure that each citizen has a number of relevant services where they can use their e-ID. We have worked methodically with targeting different industries and this has proven to be successful; Once a few of key customers in an industry have signed an agreement with Freja eID, many others tend to follow suit. When we now begin focusing on energy companies, the agreement with Svenska Energigruppen is the perfect place to start.”

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