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Verisec is an international IT company that provides innovative solutions for end users and businesses worldwide within its two areas of business: Digital Identity and Information Security. We offer a range of products and services including electronic identity, strong authentication, cloud single sign-on, mobile ID and signing, mobile security, encryption, key management and fulfillment. Our mission is to improve our customer’s productivity, security and competitive edge through innovative solutions.

In 2017, we launched Freja eID, which has now become Sweden’s first governmentally approved mobile electronic identity. In addition to giving users back their privacy, we fight a battle with the online world’s largest villain: the passwords. We aim to become one of Sweden’s most used digital services and this is just the beginning. In the rest of the world, e-IDs are still a relatively unknown phenomenon and we now have a great starting point for creating the next Swedish export success in the tech industry. Check out Freja eID’s official website.

Our goal is to give back the control of one’s digital identity to all people. In a world that is about to be fully digitalized, control of user’s identity has become one of the most valuable assets. You, as a user, should be in control over your identity and personal information – not any bank, authority or global online service.

A global team

More ideas, more innovation, more potential – diversity brings with it many benefits. Which is why we at Verisec love it – be it nationality, gender, age or educational background. We are a Sweden-based company with global distribution and operations in Stockholm, London, Belgrade, Madrid, Mexico City, Dubai and Frankfurt. Our research and development centre, Verisec Labs, is based in Belgrade.

Join us on a fantastic Journey!

Verisec is constantly looking for talents to sustain its rapid development. Does making a difference motivate you? Do you want to help make the digital world a little bit better, in an exciting and fast-growing international company? Then we would like to have you on board with us on this journey! To work with us, you should also possess a combination of skills, attributes and behavior that are directly related to successful performance on the job.

The core competencies we look for are:

  • Teamwork  We believe that collaboration brings great products. We see this job as a team sport, where players can shine, but also assist other team mates to shine.
  • Communication  Effective communication includes listening to others and responding appropriately. You are proactive – if you don’t know the answer, you’ll dig until you find it!
  • Creativity  We are always looking for innovative solutions to solve problems and to improve the lives of others, whether it’s in engineering, design, marketing or sales.
  • Commitment to continuous learning – Change is the new normal for you. You never stop learning. And we will help you along the way!
  • Client orientation  You’re passionate about people as much as you are about getting your work done.The reward comes when you feel you have made a difference to those you serve.
  • Planning and organising  You are able to organise thier work in efficient and original ways, drawing inputs from people at different levels of the organisation. You know how to identify the priorities but also adjust them when needed.
  • Technological awareness – You have a natural curiosity and aptitude for technology and can quickly learn how to use new tools.
  • Accountabilty  ”That’s not my job” is not in your vocabulary. You have to take responsibility for your role in a larger project and for specific tasks. Your motto is ”Show, don’t tell”.

Nothing is impossible

If you think you embody these values, and if you live and breathe the potential of the digital world and share the philosophy that nothing is impossible, then you will love working at Verisec.