Transparent encryption is the easiest and most scalable way to protect data in your databases, regardless of which platform the information is stored on. You can use the same solution to encrypt your own servers as information stored in cloud services, and it works just as well on Windows, Linux, and Unix.

The time when you could store all the sensitive data in one and the same place, safely stowed away, is long gone. Today, you need to be able to protect information in a wide range of environments including cloud services, virtualised systems and your own servers. At the same time, cyber threats are getting bigger and rules are getting tougher and with GDPR, which from May 25th 2018 will require encryption of sensitive data, there’s only one thing to do: Be sure to encrypt all sensitive data.

What makes transparent encryption to such a welcome solution for anyone who is in need of protecting sensitive data is the mix of security, flexibility and simplicity. By using one and the same encryption solution, no matter where the information is stored, you get a system that can be scaled up to meet your every need.

Transparent encryption can be introduced without any intervention in applications, databases and your IT infrastructure. This means that you can get started very quickly with an encryption solution, which may be equally important in order to meet the legal requirements set up within GDPR.

Transparent encryption can be purchased both as a service operated by Verisec or as an on-site solution that you operate yourselves.