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General Questions

General FAQs contain a carefully selected tasting plate of FAQs from across the topics; product, technical, and more.

General FAQ

Freja ID

Freja ID Authentication Appliance is a complete solution for strong authentication, for secure access to both cloud services and corporate networks. This FAQ answers some commonly asked questions related to the usage of Verisec’s Freja ID appliance.

Freja ID FAQ

Token Management

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about Token Management Console (TMC) – a web application within Freja ID used for token management.

Token Management FAQ

Freja Multipliance

Freja Multipliance is a platform which can host several products from the Freja family: a provisioning tool – Freja Self-Service portal (SSP), a server-side component of Freja Mobile – Freja MASS, and a single sign-on solution – Freja Connect. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Freja Multipliance.

Mulitipliance FAQ

Freja Self-Service Portal

Freja Self-Service Portal (SSP) is an add-on to Freja ID authentication appliance used for user management and device provisioning. The following are frequently asked questions related to the Freja SSP.



MASS stands for Mobile Authentication Secure Server and it is a backend component of Freja Mobile architecture. If you have some additional questions related to the usage of MASS, please see the section below or contact our support service.


Freja Mobile

Freja Mobile is an innovative solution for mobile authentication and transaction signing. The following are Frequently Asked Questions regarding Freja Mobile.

Freja Mobile FAQ

Freja Mobile Core SDK

Freja Mobile Core SDK is a library which provides security features for mobile applications. If you have any questions about Freja Mobile Core SDK, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Freja Mobile Core SDK FAQ

Freja Connect

Freja Connect extends your existing identity and access management to cloud services and external applications. To find out how it works, visit the following FAQs section.

Freja Connect FAQ