Freja Connect

Question: What is Freja Connect?

Freja Connect is a web service which is a part of Multipliance. It acts as an Identity provider in SSO federation. Identity provider is an entity which Service providers (such as Dropbox, Office 365…) approach with a request for user authentication. In order to activate Freja Connect one needs to obtain the licence. Freja Connect provides a single sign-on support based on a SAML 2.0 protocol.

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Question: On what standard is Freja Connect based?

On open SAML2 federation standard.

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Question: What authentication systems can be used with Freja Connect?

Freja Connect can be used with Freja ID authentication appliance or any other RADIUS compliant authentication system present in the organization.

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Question: What is a single sign-on (SSO)?

Single sign-on (SSO) authentication process permits a user to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications. The process authenticates the user for all the applications they have been given rights to and eliminates further prompts when they switch applications during a particular session.

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Question: What is SAML 2.0?

SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Mark-up Language 2.0) is a protocol for exchanging authentication and authorization data between security domains. It is XML-based protocol that uses security tokens containing assertions to pass information about a principal (usually an end user) between a SAML authority, that is, an identity provider, and a SAML consumer, that is, a service provider. It enables web-based authentication and authorization scenarios including cross-domain single sign-on (SSO), which helps reduce the administrative overhead of distributing multiple authentication tokens to the user.

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Question: What role does Freja Connect have in SAML 2.0 protocol?

Freja Connect acts as an identity provider and communicates with other applications that play the role of service providers.

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Question: What are the advantages of using Freja Connect for end users and organizations?

The advantages are: Reducing password fatigue from different user name and password combinations, reducing time spent re-entering passwords for the same identity and reducing IT costs due to lower number of IT help desk calls about passwords.

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Question: Is FrejaConnect a standalone product?

Freja Connect is a part of Multipliance, but it acts as a standalone product. It can integrate with other products from the Freja family, but it does not require them to function properly.

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Question: How does Freja Connect authenticate users?

Freja Connect itself does not authenticate users but instead delegates authentication to an authentication server.

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Question: What applications can be integrated with Freja Connect?

Any application that supports SAML 2.0 protocol can be integrated with Freja Connect.

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