Freja Mobile Core SDK

Question: What is Freja Mobile Core SDK ?

FMC is the mobile library (SDK) which provides security features. It is a set of functions which a mobile app can call on to provide authorised access using 2FA and strong transaction signing, protection against identity theft as well as confidentiality and privacy. These functions provide capability for encryption of stored data as well as of communications and messages. They provide SSL encryption with rigorous certificate validation, and they provide two-factor authentication (2FA) and separate channel transaction signing.

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Question: Could we purchase FMC separately from Freja Mobile?

Yes. FMC is a library which you can import to your own mobile application and use its security features.

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Question: Can I use Freja Mobile functionalities in my native app?

Yes. For iOS and Android platforms, we provide a separate library (FMC) that can be included in your application.

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