Self Service Portal - SSP

Question: What is SSP?

SSP stands for Self Service Portal and it is a part of Multipliance. It is a web portal that end users can use for unlocking tokens, provisioning tokens, synchronizing tokens, PIN resets. In order to activate the SSP, one needs to obtain the licence.

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Question: What is provisioning?

It is the process of activating a token and assigning it to a user. In the context of Freja ID, this may also include inserting a new token into its database.

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Question: What are the advantages of using SSP for end users and organizations?

Without SSP organizations’, help desk has to manually assign, unlock, synchronize, reset PIN or change PIN for all tokens that the end users are using. This is an unnecessary waste of man hours that the IT help desk could use for more important tasks. SSP allows end users to perform the above mentioned tasks by themselves without involving the help desk and relying on their schedule.

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Question: What is the SSP instance?

SSP instance represents customized instance of SSP portal. This means that with one SSP web application you can have many instances of  the portal, each of them with its configuration, setup and look. Each instance is accessed with different URL.

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Question: How many Freja ID appliances can one SSP use?

One SSP instance should use two Freja IDs, one as main and one as backup. SSP can have as many instances as needed and each instance can use different Freja IDs.

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Question: If we already have Freja ID, could we purchase SSP separately?

Yes, you could.

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