Token Management

Question: What is TMC/Token Management Console?

It is a separate web application within Freja ID which serves for token import, management and basic troubleshooting.

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Question: How are tokens allocated to end users?

With Freja SSP, a web portal for user enrolment and provisioning, users can provision their own tokens. Otherwise, an administrator has to enter each token number as a directory attribute manually.

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Question: Can non Freja tokens be used in a Freja environment?

OATH compliant tokens can be used assuming the associated PSKC file is available. Sending the PSKC file to Verisec will allow us to check compatibility.

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Question: What can we do when someone’s token gets lost or stops working?

As a backup option, a one-time password delivery by SMS or e-mail can be used until the user receives a new token.

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Question: Can a single user have one token for multiple access, e-banking and remote access?

Yes, Freja ID can be linked to as many calling systems as desired, as well as user data repositories (e.g. Internet bank user directory and internal user directory). It has a RADIUS interface which is the standard used by most secure remote access systems, and a SOAP interface that would normally be used for web applications such as an internet banking system.

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Question: With Freja ID appliance, how can we address the case when an employee forgets his/her token at home?

a. In such cases, Freja ID can be configured/instructed to perform 2FA authentication via SMS or Email.
b. The token can be temporarily suspended*, which will trigger the alternative (SMS or e-mail) authentication in Freja.

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Question: Can we use existing RSA tokens with Freja ID?

If Freja ID is configured for the migration scenario, yes, you can.

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Question: Can we purchase and use just any token or we have to buy tokens from Verisec?

You’re free to use any tokens you wish, as long as they are OATH compliant. You don’t have to purchase tokens from Verisec.

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