Hardware Encryption


Verisec offers an extensive hardware encryption product range. By managing sensitive data in an isolated, tamper-evident and perimeter-protected environment, you can relieve other IT systems of the heavy calculations associated with cryptographic security, while avoiding the risks of software-based encryption. 

An HSM (Hardware Security Module) is a fundamental component in the infrastructure of cryptographic key generation, secure storage and transaction security. Network encryption is utilized to protect data traffic in IP networks and in point-to-point communication. Suitable customers are banks, authorities, payment processors and companies that require the highest possible level of security in their data protection.

Thales is a global leading manufacturer of encryption hardware, and nearly 80 percent of all card transactions in the world are currently secured by their HSM technology. Verisec is a distributor of Thales encryption hardware and has extensive experience of their products, deployment scenarios and operational routines. We also have an internal support department specialized in these products, so we can provide you with quality assistance every step of the way.

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