Identity Management


It is becoming increasingly obvious that fixed passwords are not secure enough to protect company assets.

In addition to insufficient security and expensive administration, fixed passwords provide no opportunity for managing digital identities and authentication – which in today’s interconnected world has become a major competitive factor. If you are forced to limit access to information, communication or cloud services due to lack of control, then consequently productivity, workflow and profit will suffer.

Freja is an innovative solution to one of the biggest problems in the Internet era: How do you securely manage identities, access and credentials for a large number of users without costs going haywire?

Verisec provides end-to-end solutions for securing digital identities, and our Freja appliance is the axis around which it all revolves. Adjacent to this, we offer a broad selection of login devices in the form of physical hardware tokens and software based devices such as Google Authenticator.

The Freja appliance can be combined with our Freja Self-Service Portal to facilitate user enrollment and registration. Our product range also includes a comprehensive PIN management service offered through our Pinelope software.

We can also handle programming and logistics associated with tokens through Verisec Services. This ability to offer both authentication products and physical management of login devices is unique. As a matter of fact, we are one of a few companies in the world who can deliver an end-to-end identity management solution that covers all aspects of the process.