Case Studies


Today, hundreds of thousands of users worldwide are utilizing Freja for identity management and authentication – from public authorities such as the London boroughs to international companies and banks.

Below we present a few case studies on how Freja can be used in different contexts to meet various needs. If you wish to view an example of how Freja has been used within your industry, or want to now how Freja may address your concerns, please contact us and we will tell you more about it.

Looking beyond traditional authentication

Case study on how London Borough of Camden migrated from an old, proprietary system to the Freja-based Atos eTHOS Authenticator. They now have a single solution that handles all authentication needs without additional cost for new users.


Saving money while adding functionality

Case Study on how London Borough of Bexley implemented strong authentication with Freja.

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Going virtually everywhere

Case Study on how Anite Ltd uses Freja as a virtual server in their VM-Ware environment.

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Freja as a managed service with existing IT partner

Case Study on how Swedish bank SEB utilizes Freja for strong authentication through their IT partner SYSteam.

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Creating a scalable solution for future expansion

Case Study of Glasgow City Councils solution for two-factor authentication.

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Ticking the 2FA box for PSN CoCo compliance

Case Study of Preston City Council’s future proof authentication solution.

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“A big saving and an even bigger improvement”

Case study on ITS Nordic and the authentication solution for their Remote Desktop service. Freja ID was installed as a virtual server and resulted in reduced costs and minimised administration. The investment was earned back in less than a year.

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A solution that empowers the end users

Case Study for The Dune Group’s PCI compliant 2FA solution.

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Shared authentication services across the county

Case Study for Essex Online Partnership’s how Freja became a core component of the ICT strategy.

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A solution that empowers the end users

Case Study on A Major London Borough that provides PSN compliance and makes life easier for remote workers.

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Strong authentication for resources outside of the corporate environment

Case Study on how Kent County Council moved to authentication  technology via Freja Mobile.

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A centralised two-factor/multi-factor authentication solution

Case Study on how the University of Birmingham implement a centralised two-factor/multi-factor authentication solution to provide an extra layer of security.

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Protecting sensitive information when users require access from outside a trusted network

A case Study on how Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service protect sensitive information with a 2FA solution when users access remotely.

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