Going virtually everywhere


Anite is a world leader in its field of providing software solutions to the international wireless and leisure travel industries. Freja enabled Anite to replace an old, costly, proprietary solution with a virtual appliance that gave unlimited possibilities to grow without adding new licenses for every new user.

The challenge

After eight years with a proprietary authentication system, Mark Jones, IT Manager at Anite was at a crossroads. It was time for a renewal which would mean committing to a very high cost per user, for many years ahead. Changing to an open source based system, with features that would enable Anite to increase productivity and add new users at a lower cost, would mean making a new investment. The question was which of the alternatives would be best in the long run.

The solution

After a Webex presentation, Mark Jones realized that he might have found a solution that gave Anite an open source based and future proof solution that would mean a substantial saving over time, in addition to greater flexibility. With Freja’s unique licensing model, without any extra costs per user, the return on investment it offered meant that keeping the proprietary system was not economical. In addition, the Freja solution was superior from a technical and user point of view.

The Freja solution was installed and consisted of four main elements: Freja Virtual Appliance, Freja Self Service Portal, 300 hardware mini tokens and a function allowing Anite to add an unlimited number of users through the Google Authenticator Token, at no extra cost.

The results

Apart from making cost savings over time, Anite now has complete flexibility in how it manages authentication. From being a costly privilege with a proprietary system, Anite now has an unlimited approach to authentication and can include everyone in a secure information exchange, without having to consider any extra cost.

About Anite

Anite plc, an international software and solutions company, operates in two discrete markets: it provides device and network testing systems to the wireless market and reservation and e-commerce solutions to the leisure travel industry. The success of both divisions is based on its comprehensive knowledge of the sectors and on its proprietary software and hardware products.

Anite’s 550 staff work with the world’s leading wireless and travel companies, from headquarters in the UK and from offices in 15 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.