Creating a scalable solution for future expansion

A case study of Glasgow City Councils solution for two-factor authentication

Glasgow City Council were faced with the need to meet CoCo compliance as 2FA had become a requirement for remote access users. Instead of just solving the immediate challenges, ACCESS Glasgow LLP wanted to find a solution that was able to integrate with service partners and government applications.

The challenge

ACCESS Glasgow LLP is a joint venture between Glasgow City Council and Serco, providing specialist ICT and property services to the council and its 28,000 employees. When the process of implementing a 2FA-solution began, the challenge was to improve services with tools of smarter working, at the same time the solution should be flexible enough for future expansion, without heavy budget inflation.

The solution

After testing and evaluating the Freja appliance, ACCESS Glasgow LLP decided to purchase Verisec´s solution, since Freja met both the technical and commercial requirements. The solution was prepared for shared services and upcoming government initiatives, through the built in SAML2 enabled engine and the support of OATH standards. The commercial side was equally important, with the absence of a per-user cost, allowing ACCESS to add an unlimited number of Glasgow City Council employees without incurring additional licensing costs.

The results

The initial deployment included 2,000 users and has since increased to 3,000 with the solution having the capability to add theoretical unlimited number of users at no extra cost. Freja has enabled the employees of Glasgow City Council more flexibility in their work as they are now able to utilize 2FA when away from the office. For Glasgow City Council the implementation of Freja has not only brought a higher level of IT-security, it has also made it easier to manage user credentials and relieved the helpdesk from the burden of constant password resets.

About ACCESS Glasgow LLP

ACCESS is a dedicated company that provides specialist ICT and property services to Glasgow City Council. An award winning joint venture between the Council and service company Serco, ACCESS deliver state of the art service solutions and significant savings for the Council and its departments.