The Dune Group, a global fashion and footwear company, prides itself in providing outstanding products and customer service. Any technology introduced in the company has to achieve the same level of excellence in order to keep the Dune Group at a leading position in the market.

The challenge

Josh Uddin, Senior Systems Administrator at the Dune Group, was looking for a two-factor authentication (2FA) solution for secure remote access which is compliant with payment card industry (PCI) standards. Since Dune Group didn’t have a 2FA system, they performed extensive research and consultation across the market to ensure they found the best product for the job. The new solution needed to be simple to install and compatible with their existing technology – Cisco ASA. In addition, it had to be cost-effective, simple to use and easy to deploy with little disruption to live services during the implementation.

The solution

Freja is a solution compatible with many commonly used technologies such as Cisco ASA, so the first requirement of the Dune Group was fulfilled. Freja offers a wide variety of authentication options, including soft tokens and Google Authenticator – exactly what the Dune Group requested. Also, they were satisfied with the simple purchase process, which made it possible for them to buy only the components which met their needs, without any unnecessary add-ons.

The results

Now, with Freja deployed, the Dune Group have a cutting-edge security solution which is PCI compliant and seamlessly integrates with their existing system. The solution is cost-effective thanks to using soft tokens, as opposed to more expensive hard tokens.

The implementation was very well-organised, without disturbing the ongoing work process of the company. Self-Service Portal offered the end users a clear and intuitive introduction to the new technology. Josh Uddin and his department were especially satisfied with the responsive and helpful technical support.

About The Dune Group

The Dune Group is one of the most influential global players in fashion footwear and accessories. Based in London, the fashion capital of the world, The Dune Group has over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry and has grown through a passion and dedication to excellence in product development and in-house design, and a commitment to providing outstanding customer service.