Freja Connect

Cloud identity and web single sign-on

Protecting access to internal networks is no longer enough. As we increase our dependency on cloud services and shared information, the need to protect access outside the perimeters of the organisation becomes critical. The good news is that the solution does not only increase security, it adds a new dimension of user convenience.

One world – one identity

Freja Connect is an Identity Provider (IdP) connecting your internal authentication system to the outside world. Not only does it extend your existing identity and access management to cloud services and external applications, it also contributes to a more efficient workflow as your users can enjoy the benefits of web single sign-on.

Are you in control?

Today cloud services, shared information and external applications have become crucial parts of everyday operations for both corporate and public sector employees. As critical data is being moved outside the internal networks, your organisation is actually losing control of the data if you let your users manage the access with insecure, fixed passwords. Surveys show that almost 70% re-use passwords across web sites. Are you comfortable with having your critical business information protected by the same password as an employee is using for his or her private Facebook or Twitter accounts? Also, handing over the control of the cloud access to the user means that you risk having active accounts long after the user has left your organisation.

Increase efficiency with security

Fixed passwords are not only a severe security risk; but also one of the biggest user hassles in our connected world.  Web single sign-on does not only solve the security problem with fixed passwords, it also allows the user a seamless workflow eliminating the need to re-authenticate at every instance, whether it is an internal application or a cloud service.

Benefits for the organisation:

  • Allow reusing issued identities across cloud services
  • Enforce strong authentication for cloud services
  • Retain control over the authentication process
  • Disable access to all services by suspending user at one place
  • Selective release of attributes to relevant cloud services
  • Freja Connect can be used with existing authentication systems
  • Based on the open SAML2 federation standard

Benefits for the user:

  • Cross domain single sign-on
  • Go from site to site without re-authenticating
  • No need to remember fixed passwords for cloud services
  • One identity across multiple cloud services and web applications