Freja eID

An electronic identity for all

We have recently launched a new e-ID, which opens up new opportunities for anyone in the process of taking their digitalisation to the next step.

Freja eID is a simple, user-friendly and secure e-ID for everyone, where we in Sweden also can provide a nationwide vetting process to identify users. This is done in co-operation with ATG and their network of 2 000 stores from north to south.

An eco-system for identities

Freja eID lets your users login, sign and communicate via a secure and user-friendly mobile app. But Freja eID is more than that – it’s an eco-system for identities open to all; e-commerce, insurance companies, associations, gaming companies, small businesses, unions, banks, authorities – in short, everyone. By being part of the eco-system it gives you access to secure identities and can create value from your own. The more people participate, the greater the value of the eco-system for you and your users.

For more information about Freja eID, please click here or get in touch with Mikael Emmet Johansson:

Mobile: +4670 813 21 59