Freja ID

unlimited authentication

There are two main reasons why deficient options such as fixed passwords continue to be the solution of choice when providing secure access: either the alternatives have been too expensive or complicated.

An unlimited approach with a limited cost

Freja ID sprang from the idea of an authentication and identity management solution designed to include everyone. To only provide secure access to management teams or other key persons, while the rest of the staff, partners and clients have to make do with fixed passwords is just not good enough. It is much like protecting the main entrance of your house with a safe door while the kitchen door is secured with a simple latch.

It is Simple, Flexible and Scalable

Freja ID is a next generation authentication solution that lets you add as many users, applications and devices as you like, without additional costs or complex interferences to your systems:

1. Any user

Freja ID is based on a unique pricing model where the costs are independent of the number of users.

With Freja ID, there is no limitation on which kind of user types you want to manage and distribute credentials to. This is made possible by the fact that Freja ID does not intrude on already existing user records and databases, but only collects credentials from these directories. Since no user information is stored within Freja ID, you get total control and full flexibility. This means that you can manage all different user types, including different credentials, in one system; management teams, employees, partners, vendors and customers – without compromising security.

Essentially you could authenticate 500 or 50,000 internal or external users without increasing costs.

2. Any application

Freja ID provides secure access to all your applications without additional costs; remote access to internal networks, webmail, cloud services and web applications. Through the built-in SAML2 protocol, Freja ID can manage identity federation and thereby make single sign-on available to your users. With just one login you get access to both internal and external resources, everything secured through strong two-factor authentication with complete control over the credentials you choose to distribute.

3. Any device

As Freja ID is based on open standards (OATH) you are free to choose the login devices which best suits your needs and budget. The ideal fit for Freja ID is the Freja Mobile token that gives you the flexibility to choose between online functionality, where the user never has to transfer anything manually between the phone and the browser, and an offline version generating one time passwords. But Freja ID works great with many different hardware or software tokens; from 2FA tokens (“Internet banking tokens”) and “one-button” tokens, to USB tokens and SMS passwords. If you wish to cut token costs completely this is also possible, since Freja ID fully supports authentication with the mobile application Google Authenticator.

However, freedom does not only apply to the choice of tokens. One important benefit compared to PKI based login solutions is that the user – as long as he or she has a username and a token – can establish a connection from any computer or tablet.

Additional freedom of choice

Freja ID can be installed as a hardware appliance in your server room, as a virtual server in your VMware environment, or as a managed service where we provide administration and maintenance. When it comes to support we have made the choice easy; 3 years maintenance and technical support is always included.

Simplicity in all aspects

It is not only the business model that is based on simplicity – the technology itself is founded on the same philosophy: Freja ID causes no interferences to your internal system and therefore needs a minimal amount of time for installation and maintenance. The record time for a Freja ID installation is 49 minutes, which says quite a lot about the suppleness of the solution.

If you already have an existing authentication system in place, the migration process to a Freja ID based system is very simple. It is possible to adopt a gradual transition in a seamless process where the users can be substituted in a pace of your own choice – with minimal effect on your business.

It is easy to grow with Freja ID, and if you add the Freja Self-Service Portal to your system you could also minimize the administration associated with user enrollment and registration.