Areas of use


As we get more connected, our need for secure access and identity management increases. That is why we from the beginning decided to equip Freja with functionality that covers many different areas of use. Simply speaking: Freja is designed to let you grow.

Below you will find a description of some of the most common areas of use. In addition to these, there are several other applications available based on the client’s specific need. Please contact us and we will tell you more about what Freja can do for you.

Remote access authentication

It is quite common that people start to reflect on identity management when there is a need to provide secure remote access for all employees who are working away from main offices and locations. With Freja, you can easily set up a secure connection between an employee’s home computer and your network, e-mail or other internal resources that he or she needs to access. Due to Freja’s unique licensing model, you don’t have to ponder on which employee should have priority for deploying secure remote access – as it is possible to include everyone without increasing costs.

Customer & partner login

Many businesses require customers to logon to their systems. It may concern everything from e-commerce and web services to situations where someone has to login to access certain information. Until now, mainly banks have been offering customers login options that are more secure than fixed passwords. This is in part due to the fact that other solutions have been too expensive, but also because fixed passwords have been regarded as adequately secure.

With Freja, when the costs of providing secure login to large user groups are drastically shrinking and fixed passwords are no longer considered secure enough – there is a good incentive to consider such a solution. Freja’s licencing model, where the price is independent of the number of users involved, in combination with the cost free Google Authenticator, allows you to offer secure login to large groups of customers, members, partners, retailers and vendors.

Meanwhile, the upside is not just increased security; It is also a question of safeguarding you corporate brand. What happens, for example, if you get breached by a hack attack and are forced to inform thousands of customers that their passwords have been compromised? Perhaps they do not keep truly critical information in your systems, but chances are that they use the same passwords to access other web services. Suddenly you have put your customer in an awkward situation that requires time, money and effort to resolve.

Multi-tier solutions

For large organizations where different divisions, affiliates or departments have varying degrees of integration, a clustered Freja solution can work as a center for routing credentials and identities. One scenario may occur when the main office and management team need to access every single network and information resource in every part of the company group, throughout the world – while every unit should be permitted full access to their own respective networks but only have limited access to the others.

Instead of having a separate authentication solution for every division, which entails that the main office would need a separate login to every unit, it is possible to set up Freja in a flexible system that provides full freedom to delegate access and credentials. The separate units can then handle distribution of credentials to their employees locally, while the main office can add additional credentials to grant the units access to areas deeper within the system. Thus, with a clustered Freja solution, the main office can maintain full control while leaving some credential distribution to be administrated locally.