• Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator


There are several mobile applications on the market that functions as authentication devices, and Freja supports all OATH based solutions. However, we recommend the Google Authenticator app for two main reasons:

  1. It is a well-proven and thoroughly scrutinized solution with high security.
  2. It is completely cost free and does not attach the customer to one specific vendor.

Large-scale security at low costs

Google Authenticator allows you to harness Freja’s ability to authenticate large user groups at very low costs, without any additional investments in login devices. Competing mobile applications either come with a licensing cost, or bind the customer to a provisioning solution that in turn is associated with a separate cost.

A user-friendly solution

Google Authenticator is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry, and there is a good chance that your users are already using the application to logon to Gmail or Google Apps with two-factor authentication.

The user can easily add a large number of virtual “login tokens” in his or her Google Authenticator, and enrollment through Freja Self-Service Portal is just as simple. As soon as the user information is specified, a QR code appears which is scanned by the users smartphone, and that completes the enrollment process. Later, when the application is used to login, a one-time password is generated and subsequently verified by Freja.

A reliable security solution

Since Google Authenticator is an application detached from the Internet, it generates one-time passwords independently. Apart from benefiting security, this also means that the user can complete his or her authentication even if there is a temporary lack of mobile connection. It is important to note that the authentication procedure does not occur at Google or in the cloud, but within Freja, which gives you complete control over your own security.

Different devices for different user groups

Although Google Authenticator is a well-documented and well-proven login device, it is still installed on a relatively open platform – the smartphone. Therefore, depending on your security policies, you can customize the choice of login devices to fit the need of different user groups. You might, for example, choose a hardware token for the most sensitive information that only management and key persons should be allowed access to. For larger user groups of employees, customers or citizens, Google Authenticator in combination with Freja is an unsurpassed solution. It provides strong authentication to a large number of users at very low costs.