How to buy Freja

Simplicity in all aspects

Freja is just as easy to buy, as it is to deploy. True, the purchase process is significantly longer than our record installation time of 49 minutes, but the principle remains the same. Our pricing is based on a license that gives you an opportunity to use Freja – within your organization – for an unlimited number of users and applications. No hidden costs, no supplementary costs, and no fine print are restricting your room for maneuver. The license also includes three years support, after which you can add a new support agreement at a limited cost, but this is of course optional. Should you choose not to extend the support agreement, you are still free to use Freja for an unlimited time period.

Migrating from an existing authentication solution

Several of our customers already have an existing authentication system in place. The migration process to Freja is very simple, and it’s possible to adopt a gradual transition in a seamless process where users can be substituted in a pace of your own choosing. By switching to Freja, our clients have decreased their overall costs with as much as 65 % over a three-year period. If you want, we can provide financing solutions that make your cost savings visible from day one.

An unsurpassed solution for the public sector

Freja offers the public sector benefits that can’t be matched by any competing solution, and it’s currently used within a large number of boroughs and public institutions. Freja is equipped to manage regional collaborations and citizen access right from the start, which makes it future proof regardless of which needs or government authentication directives that may arise. Due to our extensive experience of deployments within the public sector, we’re also able to assist you in the procurement process. Our “Best of Tenders” template is designed to help the public sector with all requirements and specifications associated with the procurement of an authentication solution. Contact us and we’ll send you the material.

Also profitable for small businesses

To make Freja just as profitable for smaller organizations, we offer a license that gives you an option to use the system for up to 300 users. Apart from this, the functionality stays the same and there is no limit on how many applications you can add to the system. The day you wish to expand to more than 300 users, you can purchase a supplementary license that allows you to utilize Freja for an unlimited number of users.

Freja for IT partners

If you’re an IT partner in pursuit of an authentication solution to offer to your customers, we have competitive licenses that allow you to offer Freja as a cloud service where you provide drifting and management. You also have an opportunity to offer Freja on a retailer basis directly to your customers in the form of a hardware or software appliance.

Contact us!

We have solid experience of helping companies and authorities through the long process of acquiring or replacing an authentication system. This means that we can relieve you of much of the work related to the procurement process, such as requirements definitions, specifications and additional administration – we’ll do everything we can to make your situation as easy as possible. Start by contacting us via or give us a call at 0800 917 8815 (UK toll-free) . Then we can schedule an initial presentation, either via a meeting or through Webex.