Pinelope is a software developed to create PIN mailers used to distribute passwords or PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) in a tamper proof envelope to avoid unauthorized access. The same technology can be used for distributing salary statements or other personal information.

Verisec offers PIN mailers as a service to banks, government and corporate customers. The PIN application Pinelope was initially developed for the outsourced service provided by Verisec to support creation and management of PIN mailers.

Pinelope includes functions for:

  • Template creation (*.VPM format) and modification.
  • Template and PIN file merge with configurable batch quantities.
  • Protective raster technology (PRT) for PIN printing with raster background/ foreground (Useful when printing on patented security film such as Hydalam™).
  • Support for Bar Code printing.
  • Built-in error handling (e.g. printer jam).

For increased security, Pinelope may be used together with cryptographic hardware.

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