Looking for PIN paper?

The minimum requirements for producing PIN envelopes is paper and a printer. Most probably you will also need a sealer and a software package that can take a PIN file and merge with address information and a template.

Verisec does not manufacture or sell PIN paper. We buy it from a local printer in Sweden who also has the necessary equipment to add a security film if necessary. A strong recommendation is always to look for local providers of paper. Paper is a sensitive product, easily affected by temperature and humidity. Sourcing from a competent local partner will allow for quicker turn-around if something should go wrong in production or transportation.

When looking at security paper with a protective film, it may be difficult to find locally or in the region. In this case we would recommend turning to a provider of security paper, that delivers world wide. A company that offers this service is Page International. Page International has been accredited by the UK Cards Association.

More information about PIN production can be found in Chapter 1 of the Pinelope product manual. We have tried to summarize some of the lessons learned while setting up our own production facility and that of Pinelope customers.