Key Management

A secure solution for cryptographic keys

Cryptographic keys are central to all IT security that is based on encryption. But just like with keys in the real world, it does not matter how well your overall protection is if the key ends up in the wrong hands.

As more assets are being protected by encryption, the number of cryptographic keys to manage increases. Chiave is a product family that not only enhances the security associated with key management, but one that also simplifies it.

Traditionally, cryptographic key management has been a manual and resource-intensive process where a number of people and functions must be involved. Apart from being expensive and impractical, this is also dangerous since the risk for human error is imminent.

Cryptographic keys play a crucial role when securing payments and transactions within retail, e-commerce and Internet banking. The transition to credit cards with EMV chips has caused an exponential growth in the number of cryptographic keys – both in cards, POS terminals and ATMs – and as mobile payment solutions become ever more common, even more keys will have to be managed.

Within the payment industry, of course, deficiencies in key management poses great economical risks, but there are also other areas where great values are being protected with cryptographic keys. It may be everything from database encryption and SSL certificates for web servers, to VPN encryption for remote access, as well as all data protection based on file encryption.

Chiave, Chiave POS and Chiave RA offer automated solutions for cryptographic key management that provide increased security, easier handling and large cost savings.