Chiave KMF

Secure payments require secure keys

Chiave Key Management Facility (KMF) is a key management solution built to support the common key types used by banks and payment processors. Through the Chiave KMF appliance, keys can be generated, stored, imported and exported with an extremely high level of security. Chiave KMF automatically keeps track of all policies and ceremonies that regulate the generation, storage and distribution of cryptographic keys.

The human factor is both expensive and risky

By centralizing and automating hitherto manual processes, Chiave KMF reduces the human factor and makes it safer and easier to manage keys in large volumes. Chiave KMF is therefore an ideal solution for banks and payment processors.

Regulations raise the bar

New regulations and standards drive banks and payment processors to utilize encryption in order to protect data and authenticate users and units. Chiave KMF not only solves many of the security issues involved, but also reduces the audit costs associated with regulatory compliance.

This is how it works:

Chiave KMF organizes the entire key management process and ensures that the people responsible are activated at the right moment. This is achieved by coordinating the following four elements:

  1. Where?  Chiave KMF generates keys and stores them in an HSM protected environment. The system also organizes and categorizes the different key types so that everything is gathered and easy to comprehend.
  2. Who? Chiave KMF maintains a central record of everything in the organisation that has bearing on the key management process, with every individual’s responsibilities and assignments clearly defined. All communication with Chiave KMF is protected with strong two-factor authentication, which applies to both administrators and key custodians.
  3. When? Chiave KMF keeps track of all key management activities that require action. When its time for renewal of keys, or some other measure, the system notifies the concerned users and instructs them what to do.
  4. How? The system ensures that key ceremonies and other activities are conducted in compliance with the internal and external regulations related to key management. Chiave KMF also coordinates those activities that require more than one key custodian to perform the ceremony. Unlike manual processes where key custodians have to meet physically to carry out the ceremony, Chiave KMF enables a key custodian to do his or her part independently – both geographically and time wise.

A small investment with a big return

By centralizing the generation and storage of keys, and by automating many of the hitherto manual processes associated with cryptographic keys, Chiave KMF helps to reduce the risk for human error and ensures regulatory compliance.

The investments in a Chiave KMF system may in many cases be profitable just due to the heavily reduced costs of audit and compliance administration. But the biggest gain, of course, is that you get a modern system with maximum security to protect your most important assets.

Do you want to know how Chiave KMF may be useful in your specific business? Contact us for a detailed review and demonstration.