Chiave POS - Point of Sale

Personalization of payment terminals

Chiave POS is a system for managing personalization of POS terminals. The system contains tools for secure and centralized management of cryptographic keys and other sensitive data that is used in the process.

Facilitates compliance and enhances security

Since our hardware meets every security requirement put forth by payment processors, such as a FIPS certified HSM – and since the process is designed to ensure regulatory compliance (by dual control, logging etcetera) – you can save much of the resources otherwise assigned for these purposes. This also means that the risk for human error is minimized, which in turn reduces the risk for security failings and ensures a seamless payment flow.

Organizes and secures management

All key management and generation are conducted in an encrypted environment with intrusion-protected HSM modules, and keys are physically transferred through smart cards in a completely isolated chain. User access to the system is protected with strong two-factor authentication, and Chiave POS keeps track of every user’s credentials in the management process. An additional security level is provided since the system is based on dual control, which means that a separate employee cannot perform sensitive actions alone.

A complex process made easy

The process of individualizing POS terminals contains many different steps that have to be synchronised and supervised – it may concern everything from assigning key management responsibilities to different agents, to guaranteeing secure communication of the individual files that should be exported to their respective terminals. Chiave POS unburdens the organization of much of this work, while adding a higher security level and minimizing the risk for human error.

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