Chiave RA - Registration Authority


As smart cards proliferate and are utilized within more areas, a need arises to program them with unique cryptographic keys and certificates, without compromising security. Chiave RA is designed to generate these keys and certificates on a massive scale.

Higher security standards pose new challenges

In order to meet the ever-higher security standards, the key lengths have gradually increased from 1024 bits to 2048 and even 4096 bits. Management of these extensive key lengths in a large-scale smart card production poses practical challenges and raises some security issues. While the process associated with certification and key preparation has to be handled in an isolated environment, the PKI certificates require that some form of communication with a third party is present, since a certificate authority (CA) has to verify every separate key.

Chiave RA is easy to integrate and unburdens the production line by managing key generation and by handling online certification with certificate authorities through an encrypted communication channel. Chiave RA returns data that can be easily joined with other kinds of information in production, such as EMV data, which is placed on the cards to complete personalization.

Areas of use

Chiave RA may be used in every context where PKI certificates are being placed on smart cards (or other units) on a massive scale. Ideal customers are medium to large banks and other organizations where large-scaled distribution of individualized units is needed. Here are a few examples:

  • Credit cards/payment cards with added certificate that enable digital signing
  • Governmental and corporate PKI cards
  • Passports and ID cards with embedded certificate and chip

Do you want to know how Chiave RA may be useful in your specific business? Contact us for a detailed review and demonstration.