Physical security in a digital world

To outsource logistics and distribution services to an external partner is an obvious step for many businesses today; the efficiency gains and cost savings are overwhelming compared to in-house handling. But what to do when the products are sensitive from a security standpoint? Or when the products have to be programmed with confidential data?

Since 2002, Verisec has handled logistics and distribution with extremely high security demands for banks, authorities and companies in several countries. These commitments have included everything from customizing banking tokens and readers to millions of banking customers, to managing login devices for companies and authorities.

Verisec offers a variety of services that address the challenges associated with large-scale deployment of digital identities, and our logistics services plays a vital role in this. But we can also help you handle and distribute other products that require a high level of security, time optimization and traceability.

With over ten years of experience, and a sophisticated logistics system, we have every opportunity to customize services to fit your needs. Verisec can add great value whenever you have to guarantee the physical security in your digital management.