Our Services


Our strength lies in our ability to handle large volumes with precision, security and individual customization. An example of this is the programming and distribution of login tokens and readers for banking customers – an area where we currently have a Swedish market share of nearly 100 percent.

We engage as a long-term partner and take responsibility for the entire life cycle of the product, and assist you with everything from creating systems for ordering and return handling, to guaranteeing warehousing, individual customization, delivery and product-tracking.

Every project is unique and we customize the management and logistics systems to solve your specific needs. A project may consist of separate elements, or may be in the form of an end-to-end solution where several elements are coordinated in our distribution centre. Below you find a description of our different service offers. They all strive to achieve the same goal; getting the right item to the right recipient with the right content – in a secure logistics chain.

Fulfilment & programming

Products such as login tokens, readers and smart cards must be activated and individually customized in a secure environment, and should also be distributed to the recipient with full control and complete traceability. Fulfilment is a complex process where sensitive information must be handled with great care, and where no failings in the logistics chain can be accepted. We offer comprehensive and fully customized solutions that are integrated with your information systems and ordering routines.

When it comes to large-scale distribution and programming of login devices, Verisec is the only vendor in Scandinavia that can handle volumes over 1 million devices annually.

We offer several different programming services to activate login devices and readers. It may concern initialising tokens with secret cryptographic keys that are the basis for secure authentication, or to personalize smart cards readers with the proper security certificates. All programming is conducted in a secluded environment, isolated from external networks, so that key data cannot be exposed or leaked. Furthermore, each customer assignment is handled in a strictly separated environment for maximum security.

Distribution & logistics

Handling devices with security requirements poses a high demand for reliable delivery, and it must also be possible to track the product during its entire life cycle. In order to manage the entire life cycle of the product, Verisec has developed a specialized logistics system that tracks every device through the different parts of the logistics process. The logistics system has been developed using Web Services technology, which makes it easy to integrate with different dispatchers and with the customer’s ordering system.

For outgoing deliveries, we have full flexibility and transparency in our agreements with different dispatchers and cooperate with partners such as UPS, Royal Mail and others. If you lack transport agreements, we will help you put forth contracts that are suitable for your needs and budget. Our distribution centre is strategically placed north of Stockholm, near the E4 highway and Arlanda Airport.

Ordering & warehousing

We help you optimize your storage levels and logistics processes. We stock your products in our security classed distribution centre, and each customer’s devices are kept in separate storerooms. Your orders may be managed through customer generated batch files, via e-mail, or through a customized web shop that we provide and host for you.

Printing & packaging

We can customize your packages and make adaptations for different target groups, and through our in-house bureau we can assist you with layouts and prints, including individualisation of printed devices. If you have customers that are visually impaired we may also help you to develop material using Braille print.

Return handling & warranty management

At Verisec we are determined that all parts of our business should meet high environmental standards. We therefore offer a comprehensive service for return handling and product recycling in accordance with EU legislation such as the WEEE directive. In our return handling we can also take a holistic approach to all the logistics you need to meet your warranty commitments.

Code management

We can provide a complete service for production and distribution of codes and other sensitive information, in every occurring form:

  • PIN envelope
  • Braille prints
  • SMS codes
  • Unlock codes
  • Activation codes
  • Code cards