Starting a project


We can participate in projects of every size and engage in both one-time deliveries and large distribution projects where our commitment reaches over a longer time period.

1. Preliminary meeting

We book a preliminary meeting to go through your needs and discuss the problems you wish us to solve for you. When we have reached a consensus on how to best approach the task, we make preparations for the next step.

2. Workshop

We arrange a workshop where we outline how an optimal logistics process should be modelled, including cost estimates for different alternatives and a review of the legal conditions involved. We propose optimized delivery methods, identify different cost centres, and define how to best integrate your systems with our logistic system. We also discuss your needs of packaging, prints and how to personalize your mailings.

3. Offer & cost simulation

When all the facts are on the table and we have defined which alternatives to proceed with, we make a cost simulation of these options and summarize it in an offer.

Everything starts with an initial contact, so get back to us via e-mail at, or give us a call on 08-723 09 00.