Training & Courses

At Verisec we put great value into teaching our customers all there is to know about our products and services. We provide two types of courses; Thales nShield and payShield HSM Certified System Engineer courses, and Freja Certified System Engineer courses. 

Freja Certified System Engineer training

The Freja Certified System Engineer training is designed so that the student can take either a one or two day class. On the first day the focus is on Freja ID, a next generation authentication solution. The second day is mainly focused on Freja Self-Service Portal (SSP), MASS, Mobile and Multipliance.


Thales nShield and payShield HSM Certified System Engineer training

These are two separate courses spread over two days, where delegates develop the knowledge and practical skill needed to set up, deploy, and maintain nShield and payShield Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

In hands-on sessions, delegates master common installation and administration tasks that prepare them to set up and manage the HSM devices in their own environment. Please click below to read more about the nShield ad payShield HSM Certified System Engineer classes.