IT-security on an internet scale

Verisec creates solutions for protection of digital identities and information at scale. As the number of digital services with valuable content is growing, the need for secure and convenient access grows accordingly. With products and services designed for large scale deployment, combined with a pricing model that makes it possible, Verisec has solutions to meet the challenges within identity management, mobile authentication, cloud identity and encryption in many areas.

We have been a trusted partner for banks for over a decade, securing login and transactions for millions of banking customers. In the UK we have rapidly gained more than 20% of the identity and access market within the public sector. Now we are in the midst of the transition to the next generation of digital identites, where the mobile phone is becoming our secure token for login and transaction signing. Versiec has, with the range of products in the Freja family, lead the way of how security and user convenience can be combined with cost efficiency. With more than a decade of experience of protecting digital assets we have a proven track record not only for the banking industry and the public sector but for corporations and online services as well. When almost everything is going digital, it is no longer only the banking industry that manages valuable assets on the internet and in cloud services. Verisec has a solution to meet these challenges, from digital identites to encryption and key management on an internet scale.