A solution that provides PSN compliance and makes life easier for remote workers – this is what this London Borough were looking for. They needed something simple and intuitive. They needed Freja.

The challenge

For the Enterprise Architect at the London Borough in question, the increasing number of users who accessed their IT services remotely was both a blessing and a curse. Remote access promised greater flexibility and effectiveness. However, managing the existing authentication infrastructure had also become a growing challenge, while helpdesk calls continued to rise.

Expenses grew because the existing system was priced per token, every new user added to the cost which was also repeating every three years due to the existing vendor’s old-fashioned licencing model.

The solution

Verisec offers a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution which empowers the end users – as many of them as needed – enabling them to manage their own security devices according to IT policy, vastly reducing the cost of managing users and deploying to new users. The IT department reduced the resource needed to manage the system and the users benefit from instant online self-service and provisioning.

Freja ID supports both hardware and software-based tokens, allowing a gradual migration and functioning alongside the old solution. This means that the council can maximise the value of their existing investment and minimise deployment risk by taking it a step at a time. As existing tokens expire, users switch to new ones at their own pace. And if they run into any problems, Freja Self-Service Portal is there to help. The Enterprise Architect saw that Freja would fulfil user needs and reduce the strain upon IT support staff. What is more, since it is based on open standards, it would do so at a fraction of the cost of their existing proprietary solution. With a flat pricing model as opposed to cost per user, Freja is both scalable and cost-effective.

The results

Today, a month from the implementation, the Council has 600 users registered with Freja ID, estimating that many more of its 4500 users will also start working remotely, especially as word gets around about the new easy-to-use authentication system. The estimated cost savings for the next three years is greater than 40% versus the old solution, and will be even greater with user and IT efficiencies taken into account.

This particular installation of Freja ID by a fully accredited Verisec engineer was simple and only took a couple of days. The client’s IT team received training and a full set of documentation as part of the process. The entire solution is reliable, easy to maintain as well as user- friendly for all clients.

About the London Borough

The Borough is within Inner London, formed in the 1960’s and today, has a population of over 200,000 people. They have 4,500 employees but had previously issued a hardware token based secure remote access system to only 600 of these staff. The desire to allow more home workers was constantly thwarted by cost concerns until the Verisec Freja Solution was procured.