The London Borough of Camden was looking beyond the traditional authentication options and wanted to find an alternative that would not limit them in terms of the number of users or functionality. In Freja they found a solution that had everything they were looking for.

The challenge

Camden market is a melting pot for influences from all over the world, and maybe that is what inspires Camden Council to always look a step ahead. When others were thinking about doing employee authentication with the same old tools and formats, Arturo Dell at the London Borough of Camden was looking beyond. Instead of just going for the typical hardware tokens and costly per-user licensed systems, Arturo had a vision for much greater flexibility and simplicity. Away from the costly and non-scalable options that crowd the authentication landscape.

The solution

Arturo Dell got in touch with Verisec in September 2011, through the Atos eThos
Authenticator framework agreement for government authentication. It turned
out that Freja had everything on the wish list: fully scalable to an unlimited number of users, no extra cost per user and flexible options for token formats and provisioning. And Freja not only supported the use of traditional hardware and software tokens. Also, through the addition of the Freja Self-Service Portal, employees could use the Google Authenticator FREE mobile token on their smartphones. While still having SMS token delivery as a backup alternative.

The results

On the 31th of May 2012 the system went live, after an installation process of
less than 4 hours. The migration process from the old, proprietary system, to
the Freja-based Atos eThos Autenticator has worked without any down time or
disturbance for the users. In the first stage of development the existing 200
users will grow to 2,000. Also, given Freja’s federation capabilities through its SAML interface and it’s unlimited user license, it could in the future play an important part of what Camden Council might possibly implement to address citizen authentication requirements.

Freja addressed the employee authentication challenge at a substantially lower
cost than the previous system. Together with the Freja Self-Service Portal and
the Google Authenticator token, the problems of large scale user authentication and provisioning are solved in a simple way. By looking a step ahead, the London Borough of Camden managed to get all the flexibility they were looking for, and in addition, the possibility to add new users without any extra costs.

About London Borough of Camden

With a population of around 220 000 people, London Borough of Camden is a dynamic and progressive borough situated in the northern part of Greater London. The area is a popular destination for visitors, with attractions ranging from the British Museum to the London Zoo, the beautiful Hampstead Heath and of course the famous Camden Market.